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By guest, Feb 24 2016 10:59AM

The days are now beginning to get much longer and with all this extra light the gardening is literally springing into life. It is a perfect time to start planning what you need to do. If the weather is good enough you can also get out there and tackle some of those jobs that need doing.

Weeding. We have had a relatively mild winter and the weeds have had a bit of a heyday. Advice is get out now while you can get on top of them. If you're not an organic gardener, it's not too early to get out there and start spraying paths and tricky corners.

Pruning roses. Over the next month is an ideal time to prune roses and give them a feed. Make sure you are protected from those ghastly thorns but if you do it now, you'll be rewarded in the summer. Follow the link for some good advice. Pruning Roses

Spring Bulbs. There's nothing so cheering as the sight of the welcome and vibrant colours of sping bulbs. If you were too busy last autumn to plant them, buy them now growing in pots. They're inexpensive, will add a welcome burst of energy into the garden and you can plant them out to come up year after year.

Garden infrastructure. Even in the smallest garden you will need to think about where you can put cutings and clippings. Veg can gbe grown in the smallest of spaces. Think about where you could put a compost heap or put in a veg bed.